Monday, November 26, 2012

Sew an Infinity Scarf in No Time at All

Following my success at making my pom-pom trimmed cowl, blogged about here, I saw a tutorial (actually, there are probably a million of them) for an infinity scarf and decided to make one. Living in western New York, you can never have too many neck coverings.

Jan's Infinity Scarf Tutorial is the best-explained of all the ones I've seen, at least, for me. The only change I made was to press the seam allowances open, including the portion that will be sewn last. It made that little bit of hand sewing turn out so nice.

Here's mine:
If you have a piece of soft fabric that at least 1-1/2 yards long, you can make one, too. As Jan explains, you can make it as wide or as narrow as you'd like, so you can use a fabric as soft and drapey as this silk – or you can make it from something like thick faux fur.

Let me know if you give it a try, okay?

Thanks, Jan, for a great tutorial!

Blessings and peace..


  1. Sandra - Now I already jumped onto your cowl bandwagon and made two of those - these are just as intriguing - yours is great! Might have to try one of these, Nice job!

  2. Thanks, Jo Lynn, for visiting my blog. I appreciate your comments and am so happy that I inspired you to make two cowls. This one is even easier! I have so many fabrics that I could easily use for these infinity scarves that would be more difficult for me to use for a more complicated project. Please let me know if you make one (or more) of these, okay? Thanks again!