Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Not Really an End of Year Summary

1. It was 50 years ago that my aunt told me, "Don't write anything down on paper that you wouldn't want printed on the front page of the newspaper." I'm looking at you, Sony, but also at everyone, including myself. It's so easy to treat electronic communication (not sure whether text messages are electronic) the same way we treat oral conversations: as if what is being said disappears into thin air immediately.

However, every email, every text, the content of documents (those that are created/revised on computers or mobile devices), and maybe every photograph can be retrieved. It's a good assumption to think that they *will* be retrieved and used against you. And me, ordinary, little, peon me.

So, as (name?) used to say on Hill Street Blues, "Be careful out there!" (Or on there!)

2. I don't care at all that people enhance the appearance of their hair by adding extensions, weaves, hair transplants, wigs, and hair pieces (toupees). BUT! Don't certain male television hosts who wear hair pieces have anyone to tell them that their hairpiece looks totally fake? Are these hosts surrounded by "Yes" people? Do these hosts not watch themselves on television? There, I feel better.

3. Have you noticed the disconnect in television ads for prescription medications? The background music sounds so calming, so soothing, so moderately cheerful--while the narrator is listing every dreadful side effect. The scenery is lovely, green, and lush; frequently close to the water. The people all seem to be in no need of medication for anything! They look strong and fit, attractive in appearance and dress. Their hair (there I go again about hair) is shiny, cut, and styled. Their teeth are straight and white.

Anyway, I find the disconnect interesting and disconcerting.

4. "Comparison is the thief of joy." Theodore Roosevelt.

I've been reading a few sewing blogs lately and am so thrilled and delighted for everybody's sewing accomplishments. I must admit I've had to remind myself a couple of times of this quote. I don't tend to be an envious or jealous person, but once in a while, it surfaces. So I'm just reminding myself of this.

5. This past year, I had a few ups and downs. In no particular order: Bronchitis and pneumonia for five months (so grateful for modern medicine!); I "unretired" and worked (freelance technical editor) like crazy the past couple of months; I (finally) opened up to my doctor about a depression that sank me to a low point last fall, where I stayed for several months—despite all my efforts to overcome it—and am now on a medication and dosage that is helping me (so grateful for modern medicine!); I received several boxes of upholstery samples, which I have started to use. I've made two tote bags so far, practicing things like gusseted pockets, different ways to line a bag, attach straps, and so on. Easy, interesting, enjoyable.

6. I'm hoping to drive/ride on Route 66 some time between now and mid-April (then I'll be 67). So far, I've been reading about it, wondering if I have the nerve (?) to take this trip by myself. It's fun to think about.

7. I am very excited about the "fresh start" that a new year offers. I'm avoiding reading about resolutions, plans, self improvement; it's too easy for me to get drawn into them and not follow through. I tend to make resolutions for today or this week.

I've missed you all and hope that I will be here more in 2015. Here's to you and yours having a bright and cheerful 2015!

Blessings and peace..