Sunday, January 27, 2013

January Thaw

Alrighty then.

Christmas has come. All 12 days of Christmas, during which I had a contest over on Facebook, all about, well, the Twelve Days of Christmas! The decorations have been put away, the January light cleaning and restoration of law and order in the household has been completed, and I am in the middle of a major paper decluttering project.

Which makes it a perfect time to show you what Louie made for me:
The first four are of the view from the top, and the fifth, the view from the side. This is exactly what I asked Louie to make me. It didn't matter to me that it wasn't painted or that the hardware doesn't match. It is perfect for the intended purpose. Can you guess what it is? I had a contest over on Facebook, starting yesterday, and it took people a while—and many guesses—to figure it out.

You probably see the ruler on the third picture. That's a big clue. Do you want to guess or do you want me to tell you what it is?

Blessings and peace...