Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to Help Those Affected by Superstorm Sandy

We live in New York, close to Buffalo and Niagara Falls, so we're about 400 miles away from New York City. So our weather was just some rain and wind, nothing like what happened along the Atlantic coast. We're all neighbors, though, on the Internet.

The needs of those affected by Superstorm Sandy are immediate and long-term. Here are a few ways that you can help (descriptions are copied and pasted from their websites):

Catholic Charities
Rev. Larry Snyder, President of CCUSA said, "We are the people on the ground before, during and long-after a disaster strikes, which puts us in a unique position to really understand a community's needs and makes us an invaluable asset to first responders and our partners."

American Red Cross
"We're caring for thousands of people across the affected region and more help is on the way," said Charley Shimanski, senior vice president of Disaster Services for the Red Cross. "We're mobilizing more disaster workers, response vehicles and relief supplies now. The Red Cross response is already very large and could be our biggest U.S. disaster response in the past five years. It will be very costly and we need the public's help."

The Salvation Army is serving those impacted by Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic with food, clean-up kits, as well as emotional and spiritual care.

"We help each other." <- that's what I say!

Blessings and peace...

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