Thursday, July 31, 2014

Good News Update

I heard back again from C********. They wrote:
Valued Customer:
There are no local service centers in your area that does work on the machine. Please be advised that we do not have outside service centers. All repairs are done in our own facility, by specially trained service technicians. The parts are not repairable and can only be replaced.

Whew! Finally an answer to my question. Armed with all of those numbers they requested, I found a new work bowl and the piece that fits on it, both at their web site and, for a much lower price, at Amazon. I decided to buy the work bowl first, then, if I need the piece that fits on top, I could buy that next. Amazon Prime = free shipping, but I would still have to pay for return shipping.

The work bowl just arrived and it fits right on my machine. I put the rest together, plugged it in, and listened to the whirrr of the food processor. Yea!

Thanks so much for all of your comments; they really cheered me on in my marathon. :)

Maybe just maybe I can finish that skirt soon. It's almost completely hemmed and just needs a waistband, which I have already cut out.

Blessings and peace...

1 comment:

  1. Finally!!!! Only how many e-mails and numbers???? :-) Looking forward to seeing that completed skirt!


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