Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eight Stitches But Not of the Knitting Type

We just got home a little while ago. I was being careless and inattentive when chopping Swiss chard and cut my right index finger. Oops. I initially thought that I could manage it with a bandaid and compression, but it quickly became clear that I needed help. So we went to Immediate Care on Transit Road, and they took excellent care of me.

So much to be grateful for: excellent care, help close by, highly skilled professionals, top-notch tools and materials, and an entirely smooth process.

I am nearing the completion of a sewing project that I have been writing a tutorial for, and thought I'd be finished today. Soon, friends, soon.

Blessings and peace...


  1. Ouch! Yes, good, speedy medical care is a blessing. Let the healing begin!

    1. Thank you, dear Emily, for your sympathy and good wishes. Day by day...