Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Knitting: Blocking Matters

...even for such simple knitted things as dishcloths. Here's what I mean (pardon the off coloring in my photos):

Before blocking:
Being blocked:
After blocking:

Again, before blocking:
During blocking:
After blocking:

Blocking allows you to shape the finished item, and it makes the pattern more visible.

Notes: After I've finished knitting something, I always hand wash it. (It might be for someone with allergies, and we have a cat.) I rinse, rinse, rinse, then squeeze out as much water as I can, then roll it in a towel. Then I block it by placing it on a foam square, adding pins every inch or so, shaping it as I go. For something larger, such as a scarf or shawl, I might use blocking wires. I'll show you some of those photos another day.

Blessings and peace...


  1. How I love a good before-and-after! And I'm curious about the pattern in the bottom dishcloth. It almost looks lacy.

  2. Thank you, Emily, for your comment. I agree about a good before and after. I'll write up the pattern for that lacy dishcloth in the near future; thanks for your request! It prompts me to write out the patterns that I make up.