Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Queen-Size Quilt I Made

I was trying to send these photos to my friend Carol but it didn't work (evidently her email couldn't handle the photo sizes, even though none were more than 1 MB). So I thought I'd post them here.

This is the quilt I made for my daughter, Emily, for her 21st birthday some time ago. Emily selected the fabrics; I'm not sure how true the colors appear here. They were the pinks and blues of that era (era? How old ARE you, Emily???). The pattern is Trip Around the World, Sunshine and Shadow. It is for a queen-size bed, what was I thinking, it was so huge to maneuver under the needle to do the quilting. I'm hoping that I will be able to capture some of the quilting another time. I machine quilted it and incorporated designs of lots of the things she loved/was interested in at the time.

Hanging on a clothes line
On a twin-size (I think) bed
Have you ever made a great big quilt? Or even a little one?

Blessings and peace...


  1. I LOVE the pattern, Sandra! What types of "things" that were of interest to Emily were you able to incorporate? Did you mean in the fabrics themselves? It's just beautiful!
    Do you have a special machine for quilting?? I've made two - a large doll size that was patchwork, and a throw-size for Ruth that was just wide strips with a few borders pieces (ha... I don't even know the right terms!) The larger one was hard for me to handle when it was time to quilt it. I'm really interested in making one for Russ for his birthday this Fall, but have been scared off from anything else "big." I'd love some tips on this! (The pix of Ruth's quilt are on my blog - an April post I think?) (just checked - April 3rd, Sewing Stuff...)

    1. Hi Theresa! Thanks for your sweet compliments; you always have such nice things to say. I don't seem to have pictures of the close ups, so this is from memory (and really, I still think I have those pictures here somewhere, ugh, KWIM?)... I machine quilted some designs in some of the squares. Theater (masks), a teapot, baseball, a book (for the English major then), a cross, oh, kitties. I think more, but we'll have to wait for Emily.
      I used my regular sewing machine for all of it. By the time it's a queen size, it's very cumbersome to manage and still stitch straight or intentionally curved lines. I then made one for Christian for his 21st b'day, twin size (see? I learn!). Hope to get some photos of it and will post them some time. I think that wall hanging size is the biggest I would take on now.
      Tips? Craftsy has a free online quilting course; there might be others. Precision, that's my tip. LOL
      Off to read your blog post about Ruth's quilt...)


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