Saturday, January 3, 2015

Standing Position for Photos, Slow-Cooker Knob, and More

In no particular order (obviously):
Why do some fashion sewing bloggers stand pigeon-toed for their photos that they put on their blogs?
~ ~ ~
I have three slow cookers. Each has (had) a knob for the settings (Off ~ Warm ~ Low ~ High). I have broken two of these knobs, so I now have to remember which slow cooker I used most recently, pry the knob off, and use it on the current slow cooker. Lovely. It seems that the new slow cookers have gone digital, so those knobs are going to be more and more difficult to find. So... 1) If your slow cooker goes belly up (stops working), you might want to save the knob, and 2) If/when that happens and you don't want to save it (more fill for your junk drawer?), please send it to me!
~ ~ ~
Bloglovin': Oh me oh my. I receive a daily email from Bloglovin' that includes snippets with links to blogs that I follow. This is great. However. It is at the edge of impossible to leave a comment accessing the blog in this way, at least from my iPad and iPhone. So even when I have read a post, I haven't been able to comment (easily). So I've decided to use my blog roll to visit sites. Why this hasn't occurred to me before now is a mystery to me.
~ ~ ~
I wish that websites for businesses that have a bricks and mortar presence would please please please include the following information on 1) the home page, 2) the contact page, and ideally 3) every page. I cannot tell you how many times I have looked and looked and looked for this information and it is either completely lacking or tucked away on one page.

Business name
Street address (including any major cross streets nearby)
City, State and Zip Code (for U.S. locations, obviously)
Telephone number with area code
Hours of Business
Date this information was last updated

Example (made up)
Gardenview Quilt Shop
456 Main St. near Fourth Ave.
Marion, IL 60606
(555) 444-6666
Hours: Tues, Weds, Fri, and Sat: 10 to 4. Thurs: 10 to 7. Closed Sun and Mon.
(last updated Jan 1, 2015)
Thank you. Really.
~ ~ ~
I completed the second tote bag. I tried out a couple of ideas. One was good. Photos to come. Maybe after I learn how to sync the photos I take on my iPhone with my laptop. Maybe sooner.
~ ~ ~
Off to a university basketball game.

Blessings and peace...


  1. Ooh! I can't wait to see the tote bag and hear your tips since I too, benefited from the generous upholstery sample giveaway of 2014 :) I wanted to make some bags for Christmas gifts but haven't gotten around to it... I can't imagine why ;)
    I second your complaint about the BASIC info of companies being hard to find on websites. They're so lucky to have you giving them pointers!
    Happy New Year, Sandra!

  2. I want to see your tote too. I'm going to make 4 tote bags for gifts. I'm calling them "mail bags" because the recipients go to the post office for their mail. My intention was to make them for Christmas this year, but that didn't they will be for next year. Maybe I can get them done this winter! I have the fabric...some with words printed all over and others with words, envelopes and postage stamps.
    Happy New Year!!!


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