Sunday, September 14, 2014

Better, finally, and a couple of questions

I am so grateful that the bronchitis & pneumonia I've had for past 5 months (!) is resolved. Finally! Now to make up for lost time: where to start?

How about this: We need to buy a new 40-in. (thin, OK, I think they all are now) flatscreen TV. Do you know what to look for -- to buy, stay away from, features? Thx!

I just acquired several (don't know what they're called, books?) of upholstery samples. Ay-yi-yi. Can you say easily distracted?

I welcome any and all suggestions, tutorials, project ideas for what to do with these.

Thanks and it feels good to be back!

Blessings and peace...

1 comment:

  1. Sorry you have been ill, I knew I had not seen any recent posts. We have Sony flatscreen TV and have had it a few years. We really like it.


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