Monday, June 30, 2014

Little Sewing and Next Project

So, with my new mantra about failure, I'm all energized to sew again. Here's a set of three zippered cases I made last week for a friend's birthday, using the same pattern as for the ones I made last fall. I posted about it, so feel free to look back for details and pattern information. The smallest is about 4 or 4.5 inches wide, and the largest is about 8 inches wide. My failure (other than having to undo and redo various steps because I wasn't paying close enough attention) was that I have no idea how to take photos of vinyl. If you know how, please don't keep it a secret!
I still have quite a bit of this vinyl with ladybugs on it, so I'll keep making them.

Next up will be a 5- or 7-gored skirt. I tried to make one with inseam pockets, but it was not wearable because I didn't allow for the pulling (the pockets open) that would occur. That pulling emphasizes my tummy. Oh, no! I don't know quite how to overcome that, so this next skirt will be with or without pockets.

Blessings and peace...


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