Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Giveaway Result and More Zippered Cases

Good morning! Here's the result of using, which generates random numbers from the range you submit, for my little zippered case giveaway contest. 
My plan was that if I selected a number that represented Theresa, who requested to not be entered, or me, who replies to lots of comments, that I would repeat the process. However, that wasn't necessary. Congratulations to Martha, who said, " of our younger granddaughters hair ornaments - pony tail holders, baretts and such!" Please contact me, Martha, and let me know which of the three little zippered cases you'd like.

I made three more from the road and cars fabric. I plan to make two or three more, from different fabric, then I'm going to move on to other projects.

Because the zipper pulls are small, I thread a strand of the cut-off part of the zipper through the tiny hole in the zipper pull, then tie it. Here's a close up of one:
Blessings and peace...


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Mary, You are so sweet to be happy for the winner!

  2. So cute! They'd also be great to carry sewing supplies to Sewing Class.

    1. Hi Diana, Maybe that's the one I'll make for myself!

  3. Martha had trouble posting a comment, so she sent me this email:
    Hi Sandra,
    I just returned home and picked up our mail from the neighbor. The first thing I opened was the adorable vinyl pouch along with the extra piece of ladybug vinyl and fabric to make another pouch! The pouch is so cute - I can't wait to make more for gifting. I think a set of three or four would make a great adult gift. I know the grands will love getting some stuffed with hair bands, barrettes and such.

    Thank you so much for the pouch. I love it!


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