Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cranberry Apple Sauce

I made a pretty, nutritious, and yummy side dish that you might want to make to serve at Christmastime. There are only four ingredients: cranberries, apples, cinnamon (optional), and sweetener. So maybe only three. I used my Vitamix and my crockpot, but the recipe could be adapted to leave out the apple peels and hand chop the apples and cranberries, and it could be cooked on top of the stove (or not cooked at all). Another adaptation is to vary the proportion of ingredients, using more or less cranberries/apples, according to taste preference or what you have on hand. I love recipes that can be made in whatever way works for me.

4 cups cranberries, fresh or frozen, washed
12 small or 8 medium or 6 large apples, washed and cored

First, I washed the cranberries.
Then I washed and cored the apples.
I peeled the apples.
I measured the peels: 2 cups.
I Vitamixed them with a little water. Time: about 10 seconds.
I added the cranberries and Vitamixed them, too. Time: about 15 seconds.
I rough chopped the cored and peeled apples and placed them in a crockpot. I added the apple peel and cranberries mixture. I added two sticks of cinnamon after I took this picture. I cooked on low for about an hour.
I removed the cinnamon sticks, added some sweetener to taste, stirred, and spooned some into a dish. Would you like to try some? I put one container of it in the freezer to take with us on Christmas when we will have dinner with dear friends.

p.s. Two quick things about my Vitamix: 1) I was able to minimize waste and optimize nutrition by using my Vitamix to puree the apple peels and 2) it takes about 20 seconds to clean the Vitamix. Really. After I give the container a quick rinse, I put some warm water and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid (note: not dishwasher detergent), putting on the cover and placing it back on the stand, turning it to High, and Ta Da! It's clean. Rinse and air dry. It is cleaner than if I hand washed it.

Disclaimer: I am an approved affiliate for Vitamix. You can get free standard shipping and handling (a $25 US/$35 CN value) by purchasing through Vitamix and using code 06-007841 when placing your order.

Blessings and peace...


  1. Looks delicious and easy - and healthy! Thanks for sharing this recipe...J

    1. Judith, Hi and thanks for your nice comment. I just brought out another container of this from the freezer; it will be thawed out by tomorrow to have a bit with my lunch and/or dinner. I really love cooking in large quantities and freezing some for later!

  2. This looks so good. I wish I had a Vitamix blender. I probably should get one. Do you use organic apples when you eat the peels?


    1. Hi Karen, Well, I think everybody should have a Vitamix! They sell reconditioned models, too. I think that some people buy one, use it for a little while, then decide to "upgrade". I've heard only good things about the refurbished models. Or spring for a new one! I do get a small commission if you buy it through me and you would get free shipping. Feel free to send me a PM if you want more info. About the apples, yes, these we organic, but I don't go out of my way for organic. I do super clean all produce, realizing that it doesn't remove what has gotten to the inside.