Friday, June 5, 2015

Feels Like Kind of a Lot But It's Not Really

Hello dear friends,
Just climbed up and out of the rabbit hole better known as Pinterest. Currently: 52 Boards, 2,068 Pins, 499 Likes, 31 Followers, and 86 Following.
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So... hi and how are you? I'll have some sewing to report one of these days. I am certainly full of ideas and patterns and tutorials!

You might know that I'm pretty much a "one thing at a time" kind of person. I love to complete projects, no matter how long it takes. I seldom have more than one sewing project going at a time.

The past few months, though, some things have occurred before the previous one was resolved.

Here's a recap:
* I slipped and fell in mid-February. Many appointments and tests, two months of physical therapy (which included an at-home exercise routine that was updated weekly until it is now an hour every day) that still might not be completed, and most recently the first of ??? nerve block injections have required many hours each week, with much hope and confidence but no guarantee of results. (Like life, eh?)

* In mid-March, I had a medical event that I thought and hoped would be a "one and done" but which instead was the beginning of a new chapter in the health aspect of my life. I'm grateful as always for such excellent health care. But change.

* In early April, a relationship of decades took a hit. The natural fallout is that it has affected relationships with others. "What will it take to restore these relationships?" is what I'm wondering about as I try to move forward. That's in addition to whether restoration is possible. Partial, maybe?

Some time since my last post, I learned that Nancy Zieman is being treated for bone cancer in her leg. Nancy Zieman's Short Video Note
Nancy (we're on a first-name basis, in my mind) is on my list of "Top Ten Women I Admire." For her sewing expertise, of course.
But she is so much more than that to me and so many others.
In no particular order:
* Nancy didn't let the effects on her appearance from the Bell's Palsy that she contracted as a teen keep her from hosting a weekly nationally broadcast TV show about sewing for how long? Twenty years? More?
* She started a business in her home, first with one piece of paper that expanded to Nancy's Notions catalog and website. Such an entrepreneur!
* Nancy and her husband adopted two (I think) boys. I remember when Tommy (now Tom, I'm sure) modeled some Nancy-made clothes for her TV show.
* And so, so, so (sew, sew, sew) much more!
Nancy inspires me most, I think, by her graciousness and her generous heart, both of which are obvious to all and through all that she does.
We're praying for you, Nancy, for peace and strength in this storm, for all who are caring for your health, and for all your family and friends who are close to you.

My last thought for today is that Pinterest has given me some mental and emotional relief during these past few months.

Thank you, Pinterest! I'd love to have you follow me ( sandracarden ) and/or some of my boards. And if you're on Pinterest, too, please let me know so I can follow you, too.

These days, this prayer is an encouragement to me:
Blessings and peace...


  1. Oh my! sending thoughts and good wishes for EVERYTHING to get better!!

  2. Thank you, Linda, for your good wishes and thoughts. You are so very kind.

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  4. Hi Sandra, I have been searching the web for a way of finding out when JoAnne's is having a sale on patterns: when I came across your post "Cracking the Code of Joann's Pattern Sales." I tried all of the suggestions, but came up blank. Have you ever found a way of knowing? My budget just can get with the prices of patterns these days . . . it's truly gotten out of hand.
    I hope you can help me.
    Connie :)

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